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Tile Flooring in Tampa, FL

True to its history, tile has appealed to generations of home and business owners. Featured prevalently in indoor and outdoor gathering spots throughout history, tile also lends itself easily to modern life. Durable and always in style, tile is available in thousands of different material, color, and texture combinations. At Hanover Carpet One Floor & Home in Tampa, Florida, we carry an exciting and extensive collection of indoor and outdoor tiles, with new products readily emerging. Visit our showroom in Tampa, Florida, to learn more.


What Are the Benefits of Tile?


What Are the Different Types of Tiles?


Tile has certainly evolved over the years, but some things never seem to change. Both then and now, ceramic and porcelain are the most popular tile types. When choosing tile, it’s always important to consider its intended use and location, as well as its intended environment. Will this tile be for heavy traffic areas? Or for a decorative backsplash? No matter what you plan to use tile for, different ones are better for different uses.


Why Choose Ceramic Tile?


Ceramic tile is made to endure, making it a reliable option for the bathroom or kitchen. Crafted from natural clay, this tile is then fired and glazed to create a water-resistant, durable tile. Ceramic is also a lightweight tile that can be used for more than just flooring. You can use it to create a beautiful backsplash or tiled shower or tub. Thanks to its construction, ceramic is inherently chip and scratch resistant. This makes it lovely flooring for high-traffic areas, or households with kids and pets.


Why Choose Porcelain Tile?


A tougher variety of ceramic tile, porcelain tile is made similarly but is fired at higher temperatures. Because of this, porcelain is waterproof and heat-resistant, making it very popular for laundry rooms, as well as outdoor gathering spots. That’s why porcelain tile is often found poolside, or on the patio.


What Is Wood-Look Tile?


Ever wanted hardwood floors without the hassle? Or been in search of a tile that is truly unique? Wood-look tile is just that. Wood-look tile is a great alternative to natural hardwood flooring in our humid climate. It offers the natural look of hardwood with the benefits of tile flooring. Tile is known to resist moisture, warping, scratches, and stains better than hardwood. Wood look flooring is a popular trend for both residential and commercial flooring. It is versatile and features incredibly realistic visuals. Wood look tiles come in planks and can even vary in size to give off a more natural appearance. Not only can you have a unique style, but now you can have a unified look to your home by extending your wood look tile into multiple spaces.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Are There Creative Ways to Use Tile?


Tile is so much more than flooring and is a go-to in lots of homes for good reason. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and more importantly versatile. You can use tile all over your home to create the perfect look. Tile can be used from floor to ceiling, literally, and one of our favorite ways to use them is…


Backsplash & Wall Tile


Tile’s longstanding tradition of bold beauty isn’t limited to your floors! If properly installed, tile can also be a beautiful alternative to paint or wallpaper. Installing a tile backsplash can instantly alter the look of your kitchen and bathroom while protecting your walls from everyday splashes, splatters, and stains. A bold accent wall can also make your space truly pop.


Is There Custom Tile Near Me?


If you are looking to update or design a new bathroom, look no further than us. Our licensed building contractors are ready to help you design your next bathroom. We offer a wide collection of bathroom products and design services including custom tiling. We offer several different bathroom design services, and our design consultants can help you make your dream bathroom a reality. As part of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we offer free estimates and will come to your home to do all the measurements. From tiled bathroom flooring to a custom tiled shower, bath surround, backsplash, and more, we are here to help!


How Is Tile Installed?


At Hanover Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help guide you throughout the tile installation process, from start to finish. Whether you have questions about installing your own tile flooring or backsplash or would like to arrange for a visit from our professional installation crew, let our experts help. The tile installation process itself can be complicated, especially for novices.  Your subfloor will need proper preparation before installation, followed by a tedious process involving precise measuring and careful grouting.


Is Professional Installation Best?


Your floor and backsplash are sometimes the first things that get noticed when guests or clients come to call. Indeed, your tile installation can make – or break – the appearance and function of your flooring. For those who are not exactly handy with hand tools, it is all too easy to make errors during a tile install: errors that can quickly result in permanent flaws, gaps, and bulging seams. Sometimes such damages are not covered under product warranties, but in most cases, professional installation is covered. Don’t worry: our professional installation team has decades of collective experience and can make sure this never happens in your home or business. We take pride in perfecting every tile installation and can get the job done safely and efficiently.


Is There Quality Tile Near Me?


Hanover Carpet One has the buying power of over a thousand stores while staying close to its surrounding communities. When you need top-quality tile in Tampa, FL, we’re the place to go. We are your locally owned and operated member of North America’s largest cooperative of independently owned flooring stores – making us a prime candidate to take on your upcoming tile project. Here, you will find great flooring prices and top-tier tile brands, as well as incredible design and installation services. Visit us soon and see why we are greater Tampa’s top pick for all things tile; or browse our selection online.



Learn More About Tile



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Caring for Tile Floors

Tile is incredibly easy to clean, and with our tips and

tricks, you can enjoy beautiful tiles for years to come.